Benefits we delivered

Compared to the original building concept, our expertise delivered results including:

Improved thermal comfort provides greater building user wellbeing

33% reduction in annual energy usage

26% cut in annual carbon emissions

13% slashing of annual running cost

7.5% (£1.1m) saving in capital spending

The Project

A new office space for Hiscox Insurance in a forgotten part of York’s medieval heart.

An open-plan layout gives a sense of openness, maximising light across the floor plate with the exposed concrete construction providing thermal mass to reduce internal temperature fluctuations and increase energy efficiency.

What we did

Appointed by BAM Construction our challenge was to reduce the capital expenditure to meet the budget whilst retaining Hiscox’s aims for a sustainable and comfortable building.

Using virtual prototyping simulations we ran a number of iterations to assess the internal environment and energy consumption against a number of different building services solutions to find the perfect fit for the building requirements