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Yonder is a team of creative engineers, designers and consultants. We work with clients to create a positive impact on building occupant wellbeing, and reduce the impact of buildings on our environment.


We are performance analysts, constantly seeking ways to create designs that deliver for all stakeholders. We ensure buildings adhere to the three pillars of sustainability; by being comfortable, low carbon and cost efficient.


We work from concept stage through to monitoring building performance on site. Our objective is to maximise the investment of a building, and maintain it in an optimal state to drive a lifetime of efficiencies for all stakeholders.

Speak to us today and let us help you meet, and then exceed, your sustainability and revenue targets

Competitive Advantage….

Everyone who cares about the business they work for wants competitive advantage, but how do you consistently achieve it in an industry where margins are constantly under pressure, investors are looking for zero carbon solutions and technology is advancing at a pace where design teams struggle to keep up?

Every year we see, apparently, solid firms going into administration as they fail to adapt to the changing landscape. Often due to pricing errors, poor win rates or lack of expertise. The truth is that; with such fine margins, the ability to not only survive, but to thrive, is now about mastering the interplay of engineering expertise, technology and data.

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