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Sustainability effectively increase the value of your assets.The internationally recognised Three Pillars of Development ensure a return on investment.Sustainability should never be seen as cost  we can show you how to extract optimum value from maximising sustainability.

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Environmental benefits

The building sector has potential for significantly reducing greenhouse gas emissions compared to other major emitting sectors* and will play a key role in limiting global temperature rises to 2°C**. Buildings that achieve sustainability certification have been shown to produce between 25% and 62% fewer greenhouse gas emissions, and consume between 10% and 50% less water than non-certified building around the world. We have the expertise and passion to help you make a massive difference to you impact on the world.

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Social benefits

Sustainable design helps to create spaces that are better for people. Workers in well-ventilated offices have recorded a 101% increase in cognitive brain scores. Employees in offices with adequate window provision slept 46 minutes more per night. Research suggests that better air quality can lead to improvements in performance of up to 8%.

Economic benefits

Sustainable buildings pay back year after year.

By definition, sustainability, enables people to be more productive. Sustainable buildings have lower running costs, lower carbon footprints. They hold a greater value. Green buildings command a 7% increase in asset value over traditional buildings ***.
In addition, if designed well, green buildings can reduce both your capital and running cost.

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Social + Environment + Economic = Sustainable

If you can balance the Three Pillars of People, Planet and Money, your building will be better for the planet, better for people and better for business.


Boost your Environmental, Social and Corporate Governance (ESG) rating

Add value to your business


Companies with a high ESG score can be more attractive to investors, perform better***, and have better financial indicators***.

Additional benefits include increased adaptability, innovation and readiness for increased regulation, as well as a positive brand image.


We can help you elevate your ESG score with certification in wellbeing and sustainability, and demonstrate value using our iterative virtual prototyping methodology.

Yonder consulting ESG Rating
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Typical Services

Operational Energy & Carbon Calculations

A detailed, robust and reliable assessment of a building's annual energy consumption and carbon emissions. Real-world data, such as actual operating hours, projected occupancy levels & schedules, actual equipment power, projected Domestic Hot Water consumption and accurate Heating, Ventilation & Air Conditioning. modelling, this analysis provides macroscale data. It also assesses finer details such as peak consumption periods or cogeneration capabilities of LZC technologies. The analysis can provide an effective baseline for integration to building monitoring systems and can inform users of realistic energy consumption targets.

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Embodied Carbon and Life Cycle Assessments

The carbon footprint of the building. Considers how many greenhouse gases (GHGs) are released from cradle to grave. The Embodied Carbon includes the extraction of materials from the ground, transport, refining, processing, assembly, in-use (of the product) and finally its end-of-life profile.

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Zero Carbon Road Maps

Balancing operational considerations, occupant comfort and cost, our unique Zero Carbon Road Map will provide a viable route to operational zero carbon. This approach will deliver the most effective solutions for any building type, new and existing. A rational and logical methodology will also help deliver on your ESG framework.

Yonder will appraise your design proposals through a detailed 12-step evaluation, encompassing form, function and validation to ensure your building is truly net zero carbon.

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On-site Monitoring

Opti-Twin, Yonder’s optimisation & targeting platform, compares measurements from the building to expected results based on energy modelling and in-use building data to get the best performance from a building. It goes beyond typical monitoring platforms by encouraging user awareness with a compelling in-building energy dashboard giving live feedback to building users about the performance of the building along with actionable suggestions to reduce energy consumption and improve the building environment.

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Post Occupancy Evaluation

The process of obtaining feedback on a building’s performance whilst in use and comparing it to the projections at design stage. This data can then be used to inform reduction of energy use, and can help improve occupant satisfaction and make design decisions in the future.

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