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Maximising occupant comfort…

When it comes to crafting an impactful project, building physics is the most valuable tool in your arsenal. We can work with you at anytime from concept to construction and add value by using building physics to inform how to maximise occupant wellbeing, reduce energy consumption and ensure that your money is invested in the most sustainable way for all parties.

We can run any number of simulations to provide value options across the 6 elements of building physics.

6 elements of building physics

Building physics should be used to inform design from the concept stage, it can predict how a building will perform

Value Optioneering

…minimising impact and cost

Here we have a simple example of how solar and thermal modelling can be used to inform aperture sizing and placement. By multiple simulations, the results incrementally improved occupant comfort, as well as reducing heating costs and capital expenditure.

We have numerous real life examples from projects undertaken with the top 100 construction firms. If you are interested in differentiating yourself from competing projects, whilst improving your return, speak with us today.

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