What We Are

Welcome to Yonder

We’re a specialist team of building physics engineers.

That means we’re experts on building performance, specifically:

• The indoor environment
• Energy consumption
• Carbon emissions

We work with construction professionals such as:
• Architects
• Project managers
• Contractors

We deliver significant benefits to their buildings, including:
• Lower construction costs
• Reduced running expenses, through improvements such as decreased energy demand
• A better indoor environment

We use the latest technology to:
• Contribute to a building’s passive design – its use of natural elements, like the sun, for heating cooling, ventilation and lighting.
• Lead its active design – its use of non-natural elements, such as boilers and electric lighting, for these purposes.
• Define its ideal renewable energy sources

So we do far more than just validate existing designs.

Unusually, we’re independent and therefore not constrained by being part of a mechanical and electrical design consultancy. This freedom allows us to:
• Focus fully on our field of expertise
• Ensure passive design is rightfully prominent in a project, which maximises benefits for clients
• Deliver unbeatable customer care and service

You can find out more about us, our services and our projects on this site.

You can also find details of how to contact us, if you’d like to know more about our methods and the advantages we provide. We’re based in Yorkshire, but work on projects across the UK.

Why We Do It

The Vision for the Business

We believe you can’t make a construction truly sustainable unless the internal environment, energy consumption, carbon dioxide emissions and building economics are balanced.

That means internal comfort should never be diluted by factors like energy efficiency and costs, though these are equally important. Yet in too many projects this watering down is exactly what happens.

Our balanced approach echoes the internationally recognised definition of the three pillars of sustainability.

Who We Are

Rob Gill

MEng (Hons) CEng MCIBSE


I founded Yonder in 2012 as I’m passionate about truly holistic and sustainable building design. That’s because this produces internal comfort, while demanding little energy or extra cost. The key to achieving these aims is building physics engineers using dynamic simulation modelling (DSM) software to put passive design – utilising nature for heating, cooling, ventilation and lighting – first and reduce the need for building services.

DSM simulates energy flows, around and through a building, enabling us to predict its thermal environment and energy consumption. Yonder is based on building modelling and delivering true building physics solutions, through training and developing staff, plus using the latest technologies, including software.

Nathan Evans



I have a passion for problem solving and the built environment, which led to me joining the industry in 2007. Since then, I’ve focused on using building physics to deliver constructions meeting client aspirations while remaining within budgets.

I’ve worked on a wide variety of projects, including commercial, leisure, education and industrial schemes, advising on building energy performance, human comfort and planning requirements.

I’m responsible for overseeing our ever-growing team of building physics engineers and sustainability specialists, ensuring that projects are delivered on time, whilst maintaining the high standards we pride ourselves on.

Jon Gill

MEng (Hons) MSc

Building Physics Engineer

I took a non-traditional route to building physics, I’m motivated by delivering buildings offering the best internal and external environments for all stakeholders. I’m also inspired by demonstrating that achieving low and zero carbon building targets need not be at the expense of personal comfort.

My background in electronics and programming, with my growing experience in building physics, gives me great insight into the processes and calculations underpinning our consultancy. My history includes computational fluid dynamics, which involves the detailed analysis of airflow patterns, heat distribution and contaminants within external and built environments. All our processes and calculations ensure predictable building performance and a managed impact on the surrounding wind environment.

Tom Gill

Building Physics Engineer

I really enjoy helping to produce truly energy efficient buildings with low or zero carbon footprints.

I believe that, through involving building physics engineers early, Building Research Establishment Environmental Assessment Method Excellent ratings and carbon-neutral builds can be delivered cost-effectively.

I hope in the future to be involved in design processes at early stages and bring building physics engineering to the forefront of the building services industry.

Nina Glover


Building Physics Engineer

I’ve had an interest in building physics since undertaking a PhD in computational fluid dynamics, an important part of the subject. This experience, with several years in industry, working for clients around the world, has shown me the versatility numerical modelling offers. It has also demonstrated the diverse range of problems within the built environment to which numerical modelling can be applied. Having a background in wind engineering and building physics has given me a unique insight into the importance of construction design and the impact it can have on internal and external environments.

Joining Yonder has allowed me to apply all the knowledge and experience gained throughout my academic and working careers, as well as benefit from the extensive experience of my colleagues.

Saba Maskin

MEng (Hons)

Building Physics Engineer

I’ve always had a desire to minimise negative human environmental impact on the planet.

This passion led me to study energy engineering to master’s level at Leeds University. Most importantly, it also motivated me to pursue a career in building physics, as I was aware of the large proportion of greenhouse gas emissions associated with constructions.

Working as a building physics engineer allows me to optimise a construction’s design for sustainability, while ensuring the client’s needs are met to the highest standards.

Harry Willis

Junior Building Physics Engineer

At Yonder I’ve learned skills, like using Integrated Environmental Solutions software and ensuring compliance with Part L of Building Regulations, over projects’ geometry. I didn’t know much about building physics engineering before I came here, yet now have a real passion for it, a genuine desire to learn more about the industry and a strong interest in where my career at Yonder can go from here.

Heather Cawthorne

Practice Manager

I support the team in providing clients with outstanding building physics engineering solutions and great service…not just lip service. Customer care and administration have always been key to my roles and I enjoy working in, and understanding, all aspects of a business – its culture and clients, what it does and how it does it. I have overseen projects throughout the world and was a director of my own company for eight years, so have first-hand appreciation of life on both sides of the fence.

Crystal Macleod


Senior Sustainability Consultant

Sustainability was a concept introduced to me during university. It was obvious that our future, in so many ways, exists to the detriment of our current activities. Construction was an obvious industry for me to join, being a high impact sector, and after several years working for a contractor, I moved into consultancy. I love having positive impacts on my projects, be it for end user comfort, value engineering, running costs, reduced emissions or simply making things easier for my client.

I am an experienced BREEAM Assessor and have been an Accredited Professional since the scheme began. I delivered the first BREEAM Outstanding Healthcare Certification, which was a BREEAM Awards winner.

Obaid Rahman


Building Physics Engineer

I have the interesting challenge of making buildings habitable and usable within an increasingly tight regulatory framework. This has given me the knowledge to shape various services’ strategies and finalise their design.

This is a particularly exciting time to be in building physics engineering, given the increasingly important role of dynamic thermal simulation and advent of building information modelling.

Yonder is a young and agile consultancy, with the ability to integrate new technologies and working practices that allows us to benefit clients and stay at the forefront of best practice.

Dan Willis


Junior Building Physics Engineer

When I came here three years ago I had little to no knowledge about the building physics sector. Since then, I’ve been able to grow and learn a lot about the industry as a whole.

I’m currently studying for Level 3 of the Business and Technology Education Council qualification in building services at Leeds College of Building.

This is reinforcing my knowledge and passion for working in the industry. I hope at some point to stop being a junior engineer and become an engineer at the forefront of Yonder.

Join Us

We are constantly on the lookout for like-minded people to join our business. We’re looking to become the first choice Building Physics specialist in the UK so this is a great place to advance your career. We offer challenging work, meaningful CPD/development opportunities and flexibility that’s hard to match. If you are interested in joining our workplace then please complete the application form below:

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Our Values

You. We’re customer focused, working with clients to build long-term, mutually beneficial partnerships. We understand how our decisions affect our customers and honour our promises and commitments.

Openness. We’re always open, honest and respectful to our colleagues and clients, as integrity is one of our core values.

Nurturing. We encourage our engineers’ self-development and invest in their education and learning. We believe that by helping our staff improve, we enhance our customer service.

Dissemination. Communication is the tool through which we add value to projects, by delivering great designs and collaborating with clients, for example.

Evolution. We champion innovation, to improve our processes, quality and delivery speed. We invest in research to better understand low energy design and a low carbon economy.

Respected. We strive to lead our field, are proud to be building physics engineers and take pride in all we do.

Our Accreditations

On the CIBSE Low Carbon Consultants Register

This Chartered Institute of Building Service Engineers accreditation confirms we’ve passed exams and are officially competent to minimise buildings’ energy use and carbon emissions. That includes by going beyond legal minimums. We achieve these reductions for new or existing buildings via their design and operation. Clients can rest assured that our projects comply with Part L of Building Regulations, covering conservation of fuel and power. Building control officers can sleep easily too, as our status means we’re professionals qualified to sign off compliance.

BREEAM Accredited Professionals

The Building Research Establishment Environmental Assessment Method (BREEAM) is the world’s longest-established system for assessing, rating and certifying a construction’s sustainability. This status recognises our skills in sustainability and environmental design, plus our substantial competence in the BREEAM assessment process. Engaging an accredited professional at a suitable point in a project secures up to three BREEAM 2011 credits but the expert’s real value lies in their advice on increasing the BREEAM score.


The Goldman Sachs 10,000 Small Businesses UK programme

We’ve completed this programme, designed to provide high-quality, practical education and business support to leaders of fast-growth small companies and social enterprises across the country.

Our Awards

First Direct Arena, Leeds

This won the RIBA Yorkshire Award. We were energy assessors for BAM Construction.

Alconbury Incubator Building

This flagship building of Huntingdonshire’s Alconbury Enterprise Campus won RIBA’s East Award. We were energy assessors for construction company Kier Eastern.

The Bridge at Lake View House, Dartford

This Kent development was shortlisted for the RIBA South-East Award. We were energy assessors for Winvic Construction.

DC1, Prologis Park, Dunstable

This Bedfordshire distribution centre was shortlisted in the Building Research Establishment Environmental Assessment Method Awards at both the interim and final stages. We were building physics engineers for Winvic Construction.

Hitachi Rail Europe, Newton Aycliffe

This County Durham development won the Best Sustainable Manufacturing and Assembly Facility category of the 2016 Sustainable Building Awards, operated by Build magazine. We were Building Physics Consultants. We also won the UK Building Physics Consultancy of the Year prize in these awards.

Our Environmental Policy

It is the policy of the Company to conduct its business and operations in a manner that reflects its commitment towards the protection of the environment and compliance with all applicable environment legislation and regulations. In accomplishing this aim, the Company shall:

Establish and operate a documented system in line with the requirements of the Environmental Management Systems – Requirements Standard EN ISO 14001:2004.

Consider all reasonable precautions to avoid damage to the environment or the creation of a statutory nuisance when preparing its designs.

Identify its environmental aspects and set appropriate targets to minimise or improve their impact upon the environment.

Establish a framework that encourages continual improvement.

Carry out energy assessments of buildings in line with BREAM requirements.

Ensure its employees are aware of and understand the requirements of this documented system and relevant legislation and are suitably trained to take all reasonable action to comply with its provisions.

Consider the effects on the environment of its business decisions, including:

The efficiency of operation of new equipment with respect to the reduction of energy and resource usage.

The use of environmentally conscious materials when applicable.

Minimisation of waste.

Ensure that good housekeeping is practiced in the workplace and surrounding area.

This policy shall be communicated to all employees and shall be made available to all interested parties including the general public.

Our Quality Management

The Company is committed to a comprehensive and developing policy of assuring the quality of their services. In accomplishing this aim its policy shall be one of providing services to the highest standards in order to meet the specified requirements and implied expectations of its customers. In carrying out work on a customer’s behalf, the Company shall take due account of relevant legislation and good industry practices.

The Company is committed to the continual improvement of its management systems in line with those applicable requirements of BS EN ISO 9001:2008; BS EN ISO 14001:2004 and BS-OHSAS18001:1999 all of which includes for the systematic ongoing review of its internal operations and the feedback from its customers, suppliers and other interested parties.

Quality objectives resulting from these reviews shall be established at the time of the management review and shall be communicated to all members of staff. Quality objectives shall describe required improvements in those operations to which they relate and the directors shall establish the methods and, when appropriate, measurement criteria against which improvement can be achieved and measured.

Quality Objectives shall include: –

A high degree of customer satisfaction

Minimal customer complaints

Zero accident rates

Zero environmental nuisance complaints

Minimal adverse operational impact on the environment

The directors have the responsibility to provide the necessary working environment and resources to ensure that all procedures are strictly applied. They shall also ensure that this policy statement is implemented and maintained throughout the Company.